Model: QS-CC    Quick Snap, Concealed Comfort
Type:    IWB  Inside the Waistband with "Quick Snap" feature
Price:    $99.00                Add premium colors  $5.
Thumb Break...( Not available ).
                     Leather Lining..( Not Available ).
This is the most concealable holster we make and the most
comfortable IWB on the market. It will conceal a full size 1911 style
pistol under a loose T-shirt on most wearers. Smaller guns conceal
even easier. Several features on this holster set it apart from the
1. All molding is on the front side of the holster, leaving the back       
   flat for a comfortable fit against the body. This "flat" side curves     
   to conform to the shape of the wearers hip.
It also incorporates a "shield" area to protect the wearer from            
sharp or protruding edges such as safeties or rear sights.
2. The "Hand Boned" exterior creates a snug fit to the weapon          
   giving it excellent retention qualities and the
hard-molded front   
   remains open for easy one-handed reholstering every time.
A molded in sight channel protects front sights and eliminates       
   drag during the draw stroke.
4. The forward cant keeps the butt of the pistol from "printing" at       
   the back of your shirt, even when seated, and provides a quicker  
   draw stroke. It also allows the gun to be drawn even when              
   seated in a car. Holsters without this forward cant are usually         
   inaccessible when seated in a car.
5. Removal is as easy as a paddle holster. Two directional snaps     
    insure that the straps stay secured until you pull them from the     
    top. The straps are also detachable so they may be replaced if     
    worn or damaged or if you wish to change colors to match a          
    different belt.
6. The interior of this holster is hand pasted and polished to a          
    smooth finish that is easy on your guns finish and produces a       
    silky smooth draw.
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Model:  QS-BTP   Quick Snap BTP
Type:  Under Belt / Outside waistband
Price:   $ 155.00 base
Smooth Leather lining.....included
Add Border stamp tooling $20.
Add Basket Weave tooling $35.
Premium colors   $5.
Thumb Break... ( Not available ).
This medium high ride holster is put on as easily
as a paddle holster. Just slip it under the belt and
snap it.
The wide, front mounted belt loop covers the belt
channel locking the holster to provide a solid and
secure foundation for your weapon.
The same
"body hugging" fit of an inside the
waistband model, without taking up extra room
inside your waistband.
Includes tension adjustment screws for tailoring
the retention and draw resistance. Stitched in
sight tunnel protects front sight.
FBI style forward rake or cross draw.
This is a premium holster with full leather lining.

            ( Semi Autos Only )

Available nowhere else; this holster is offered
exclusively by
Jeffrey Custom Leather.
Whats "BTP" ?     "Better Than a Paddle"
IWB holsters, inside the waistband holsters
Model: QS-LA
Type:   Outside the Belt, Quick Detach
Price:  $  130.00  base
Add border stamp tooling $20.
Add Concho   $10.
Add Leather lining  $35.
Add Premium Colors  $5.
Thumb Break... ( Not available ).
To the best of my knowledge, Lou Alessi was
the first to come up with this basic design.
While Lou is gone now, many of the most
popular designs today owe some measure of
credit to Lou's 40 years of holster building.
The QS-LA bears some minor modifications
to the original design. It's ride height and
angle are adjusted to give a proper
presentation while maintaining good
concealment and the wide spacing of the
straps create a solid platform. A sweat shield
protects the wearer and the locking,
directional snaps allow the removal of the rig
without removing the belt.
Like most of my other holsters, the interior is
pasted and polished to a smooth finish to
produce a slick draw and to be gentle on
your guns finish.
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Model:  CNS-1     The "Quickie"
Type:    Outside the belt, Quick detachable
Price:   $125.00  Base as pictured.
Add Leather lining: $35.
Premium colors:     $  5.
Thumb Break...( Not available ).

This may be the best answer ever for a Quick
detachable concealment holster.
By combining a
heavy duty steal clip with a
locking snap belt strap, we have created a
holster with the stability of a belt slide and the
ease of attachment of a clip-on.
This holster rides high and close with the pistol
butt pulled in by the rear strap. Shifting on the
belt is eliminated.
The holsters interior is pasted and polished to a
smooth finish to produce a smooth draw and to
protect the pistols finish.

(  Semi auto pistols only ).
Below is the QS-LA "Cobra" which is an "Enhanced" version with distinct
tooling and special "Burnt Walnut" stain.
Price:  $169.00               More Photos in the Gallery section.
Add Leather lining $35.
concealed carry holsters, best inside the waistband holsters
This is the enhanced version with the
"Cobra" tooling and "Tobacco" stain.

Price: $159.00
Add Leather lining $35.
Premium colors....included
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concealment holsters
Base model
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concealed carry holsters
Model:  QS-LA-DB  "Dragon's Breath"
Type:  Outside the Belt, Quick Detach
Price:  $199.00  everything included

The "Dragon's Breath" version includes
leather lining in suede or smooth leather,
Dragon Skin tooling, Dragon Concho and
your choice of color between "soot black"
or "napalm & smoke".
This is a top of the line holster that has it
all.  Easy belt detachment, solid, close to
the body carry with no shifting, and the
ultimate leather lining to protect your guns
finish. And you won't see anything else
like it at your local gun club.
Dragon's Breath concealment holster, best 1911 holster
concealment holster
concealed carry holster
"Soot Black" with concho deleted
Matching belt with Special
Buckle set  
Price:  $ 115.00
Mag pouchs will be tooled to match
at no extra charge when ordered at
the same time as holster.
This is the BTP Dragon
Includes the Dragon Hide
tooling and Napalm /
Smoke color with Dragon
Shield concho snap.
Smooth leather lining.
Price: $199.00
Care and Maintenance of your holster.  

Your holster will require very little in the way of
maintenance. Keep it clean and dry.
Do NOT oil it.
If it should become excessively dirty, use a slightly
damp rag to clean it and then let it air dry.( No heat ).
As it ages, you will see normal wear and scuffing
occur. You can apply Fiebing's Leather Balm
occasionally to restore that like new shine and give
it a wax protection.
One 4 oz. bottle  will last a long, long time.
Price: $8.00
Free shipping when included with holster order.
$ 8.00 shipping when ordered alone.