Model:    Prof.            Professional
Type:        Belt slide
Price:       $ 119.00 sweat shield included.

Add Premium color....$   8.00
Add Thumb Break......$ 35.00 instead of the tension screw.
Leather lining not available.

Professional model is a custom fit, working mans holster.
No frills, just business. The back is nearly flat for a close fit and
all day comfort. All of the molding is on the front side, which
results in a "Roman Arch" effect that gives the holster extra
Unlike Pancake holsters, this holster will never
collapse on you when the gun is drawn.
The interior is pasted, polished and waxed to a smooth finish
for an excellent draw and less wear on your pistols finish and
the Tension Adjustment screw allows you to tailor the retention
to your preference.
With a forward cant and wide belt loop spacing, an extremely
stable platform is created so the weapon is in the same place
everytime you reach for it. And being a low profile design, it
conceals very well.
Care and Maintenance of your Holster.

Your holster will require very little in the way of
maintenance. Keep it clean and dry.
Do NOT oil it.
If it should become excessively dirty, use a slightly
damp rag to clean it and then let it air dry. ( No heat ).
As it ages, you will see normal wear and scuffing
occur. You can apply Fiebing's Leather Balm
occasionally to restore that like new shine and give it
a wax protection.
One 4 oz. bottle will last a long, long time.
Price:  $ 8.00
Free shipping when included with holster order.
$ 8.00 shipping if ordered alone.
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Model:   PAN         Pancake
Type:     Belt slide
Price:    $89.00

Add Premium colors...............$  8.00
Add Thumb break retention...$35.00
Add Sharkskin trim.................$35.00
Leather lining not available.

The "Pancake" style holster has been a popular model for
many years because it's stable and conceals well.
However, many brands of the pancake are soft and tend to
collapse when the gun is drawn. This makes one handed
reholstering difficult. To combat this tendency, these
holsters have been Hard Molded and given a
reinforcement at the mouth to resist collapsing.
They are also cut low in the front for quicker barrel
clearance on the draw and include a generous body shield.
The interiors have been pasted, polished and waxed to
produce a slick draw and to reduce wear on your pistols
Pictured above with optional Sharkskin trim.
Standard reinforcement would be matching leather.
Pancake model splits the molding evenly between
front and back.
This photo shows how the Professional model has
molding to the front.
Optional Sharkskin trim can be added as seen below.