Model: R-1      Ranger
Type:  Belt Slide
Price:  $155.00  Leather lining included. Sweat shield included.
Add Border Stamp Tooling $35.      Add Thumb Break retention $35.
Add Basket Weave tooling  $55.     Add Premium colors $8.
                 Add Concho  $12.
Ranger is a top of the line, Custom Leather Holster with full leather lining, molded sight channel
and body shield. This model rides very close to the body in a medium high ride position with a forward cant.
The wide belt loop spacing makes for a very stable platform. One of the most comfortable holsters you'll
ever wear.
best 1911 concealment holsters
basket weave tooled leather holsters
Model:  Ranger "R" revolver model.
Base Price:
$155.00 includes suede
leather lining.
Add Border Stamp tooling  $35
Add Basket Weave tooling, or Dragon
skin tooling                           $55.
Add Cobra tooling               $60.
.Add Premium colors          $  8.
This holster pulls the revolver very snug
to the body for excellent concealment.
Forward cant for wearing just behind the
hip. Suitable for medium to large frame
custom leather holsters for revolvers
Model:  R-2  Ranger II
Type:    Belt Slide
Price:    $155.00 Base

Add Border Stamp tooling   $35.00
Add Basket Weave tooling  $55.00
Add Cobra tooling                $60.00
Add Premium colors             $  8.00

The Ranger II shares the same wide belt
loop spacing as the Ranger but adds
adjustable tension screws allowing you to
tailor the level of retention and Draw
resistance to your preference. It also
includes a stitched in sight tunnel and
smooth leather lining.
Medium high ride with forward cant.

( Semi Autos Only )

Pictured with Border stamp tooling and
Burnt Walnut color.
Model: Raptor
Type:   Belt Slide
Price:   $223.00  as pictured
The Raptor carries like the Ranger above but
features a unique hand tooling and a special, Black
Rub-Through finish. The rust colored, Ultra Suede
leather lining is extra soft and perfect for those
prized pistols with the beautiful finish. When nothing
but the best will do, this is it.

The matching
Hand Tooled belt with 2 piece
buckle set is available on the "Belts and
Accessories" page.
best concealment holsters
holster care products
Care and Maintenance of your Holster.

Your holster will require very little in the way of
maintenance. Keep it clean and dry.
Do NOT oil it.
If it should become excessively dirty, use a slightly
damp rag to clean it and then let it air dry. ( No heat ).
As it ages, you will see normal wear and scuffing
occur. You can apply Fiebing's Leather Balm
occasionally to restore that like new shine and give it
a wax protection.
One 4 oz. bottle will last a long, long time.
Price:  $ 8.00
Free shipping when included with holster order.
$ 8.00 shipping if ordered alone.
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concealment holsters
professional gun leather concealment holsters

Model: R-1 DB    Ranger Dragons Breath
Type:  Belt slide
Price:  $230.00  as pictured

Like the Ranger above with added Dragon's Hide tooling, Napalm / Smoke color,
suede leather lining in burnt orange, and Dragon concho.
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concealed carry holsters
best professional gunleather, 1911 holsters
Mode: R-Pro   Ranger Pro
Price:  $155.00 base...Leather lining included,
sweat shield included.
Add border stamp tooling..............$35.00
Add Basket Weave tooling............$55.00
Add Cobra tooling..........................$60.00
Add premium colors.......................$  8.00
Add conchos...................................$12.00 each

The Ranger Pro rides high for concealment and
has the front edge cut low for quicker barrel
clearance on the draw.  Forward cant.  Smooth
leather lining.  Rides close to the body and
extremely stable on the belt due to the wide belt
loop spacing.
Suitable for 4 and 5 inch barrel 1911's and
similar length pistols.

The holster pictured at right has Basket Weave
tooling, Burnt Walnut color and two diablo
professional gunleather
custom gun belts
concealed carry holsters
Professional gunleather
best concealment holsters
concealment holsters
concealed carry holster
Custom leather revolver holsters
This model also looks great in the Napalm / Smoke
color combination.
Mag pouchs will be tooled and colored to match your
holster when ordered together.