cross draw holsters
cross draw concealment holster
leather cross draw holsters
Model:  QS-BTP  cross draw
Type:    Under  Belt / outside waistband
Price:   $159.00 base
Smooth leather lining included
Add border stamp tooling $35.00
Add Basket Weave tooling $55.00
Add Cobra tooling $60.00
Premium colors $ 8.00
Thumb break ....(not available)

This is the closest riding cross draw holster
possible since it rides under the belt. Provides the
best concealment without being inside the
waistband and can be installed or removed  
without removing the belt.
Read more about this model on the QS-BTP page.
best cross draw holsters
Model:  BGT    Body Guard Tension Adjust
Type:    Outside Belt
Price:   $149.00  base
Add leather lining $35.00
Add Premium colors  $ 8.00
Add Thumb Break strap $35.00

This model provides a conventional ride on the outside of the
belt. A reinforced mouth and sweat shield to protect from sharp
edges are standard as is a tension adjustment screw and
stitched in sight tunnel.

This model is great for single stack pistols and for double stack
models that have at least a four inch barrel. Double stack
pistols with barrels shorter than four inches tend to be top heavy
and do not balance very well. For those pistols, I recommend
the QS-BTP if cross draw carry is desired.
( Note: Revolver models do not utilize a tension screw )
custom leather cross draw holsters
cross draw holsters
Model:  Single Loop
Type:    Outside the Belt
Price:   $139.00  Leather lining included
Add snap down retention strap $15.00
Add Thumb Break retention $35.00
Add Border Stamp tooling $35.00
Add Basket Weave tooling $55.00
Add Cobra tooling $60.00
Add Premium colors $ 8.00

This is a classic design that provides a
conventional ride. Excellent choice for
revolvers of all sizes as well as semi autos.
cross draw holsters
quick detachable holsters
custom leather cross draw holsters
Model: QS Hunter, cross draw
Type: Outside the Belt / Quick detachable
Price: $129.00 base
Add leather lining $35.00
Add Border Stamp tooling $35.00
Add Basket Weave tooling $55.00
Premium colors $ 8.00
Snap Down retention is no charge since it
replaces the hammer thong strap if desired.

The cross draw holster provides a comfortable
means of carrying longer barreled revolvers and this
one has the added feature of being quickly snapped
on and off without removing the belt. Strong double
snaps make it extremely secure on the belt and the
hammer thong locks the gun into the holster until you
need it. Draw is smooth and quite.
This holster can also be made in a
straight drop for
strong side carry.
custom leather cross draw holsters
Care and Maintenance of your Holster.

Your holster will require very little in the way of
maintenance. Keep it clean and dry.
Do NOT oil it.
If it should become excessively dirty, use a slightly
damp rag to clean it and then let it air dry. ( No heat ).
As it ages, you will see normal wear and scuffing
occur. You can apply Fiebing's Leather Balm
occasionally to restore that like new shine and give it
a wax protection.
One 4 oz. bottle will last a long, long time.
Price:  $ 8.00
Free shipping when included with holster order.
$ 8.00 shipping if ordered alone.
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cross draw holster
cross draw holster
Model:  Lawman, cross draw
Type:   Belt Slide, Low ride
Price:  $154.00 Suede leather lining included
on revolver models. Smooth leather on semi
Add border stamp tooling.......$35.00
Add basket weave tooling......$55.00
Add Cobra tooling...................$60.00
Premium colors........................$  8.00

This holster offers a lot of comfort with a lower
ride height.
Model: Single Loop Python
Price:   $227.00
The "Python" is an enhanced version of the
Single Loop that includes suede leather lining,
extensive Cobra tooling and Burnt Walnut
Antique color. It works especially well in cross
draw configuration with 4 to 6 inch barrel