The Origin of  "Dragon's Hide" used in our holsters
Customers often asked, "where do you get Dragon Hide to make holsters ?
Aren't Dragons extinct ?  Yes, Dragons are extinct. In fact, some question whether they ever
existed at all. However, an archaeologist friend had the opportunity to work on a dig at an
undisclosed location in China a few years back where they unearthed skeletal remains of a
Dragon that radio carbon dated to about twelve thousand years ago. Since these were actual
preserved bones rather than fossilized remains, DNA samples were eventually extracted and
are still being analyzed and studied. One such sample was forwarded to a genetics lab, ( not in
the U.S. ), where scientists successfully introduced the DNA strand into the fertilized egg of the
Egyptian Desert Horned Toad and, after several attempts, produced a reptilian hatchling that is
in fact, a reproduction of the famed Dragon of myths and legends.    Trouble ensued !!!
The young reptile grew quickly on a diet of red meat and the resinous sap from Pine, Cedar and
Redwood trees, refusing any form of water or liquids, other than the blood of it's prey.
Apparently, these Reptiles reach puberty within a very few months and become able to eject a
fiery saliva like liquid from glands underneath their tongues, as one of the unfortunate lab
technicians discovered.  His body was recovered before the animal could consume him, but the
corporate heads, fearing legal repercussions, had the animal put down immediately.
The question then became, "what do we do with it now" ? And that's where I come in.
Because of my past experience in taxidermy, my friend contacted me regarding preservation
and possible display of the Beast. I was able to work in the preservation and mounting of that
original specimen and learned a great deal about the unique qualities and peculiarity's of the
skin.  After completion, the specimen was shipped back to his ancestral home of China to be
displayed in one of their museums. However, I understand that because of the customs of Feng
Shui , ( orienting buildings and decor according to the stars, directions, and living things, etc.
etc. ), a dead Dragon was not considered suitable for displaying indoors. So, as I understand it,
the mount has been crated up for storage.  Which brings me back to the genetics lab that
created him in the first place.
Several of the scientists who were involved in the original project, left that company to work on
their own and have once again started producing a limited number of these specimens for
scientific and commercial purposes.  ( As you might imagine, enhanced safety precautions have
been put into place ).
Since these animals do not "Officially" exist, they are not yet on any Endangered Species lists.
Therefore, there are no import restrictions on them at this time.
One member of PETA was able to sneak into the facility with a camera but was caught by
security. When they ask him if he would like to pet one, he jumped at the chance...... End of
I have been fortunate enough to obtain hides from some of these specimens and from them,
have created this limited selection of fine holsters. One of the first things you will notice when
examining the hide closely, is that under the pebbled outer surface of the skin lies a
honeycombed subcutaneous layer of flesh that shows through when the light hits it right. At a
slight distance, this feature gives the Dragon a spotted appearance but the real advantage of
the honeycomb structure seems to be in strength. It spreads the force of a blunt impact across
a larger portion of the beasts body, reducing damage from such blows and it also resists
tearing when another animals teeth penetrate the skin. A very practical adaptation, that I have
never seen anywhere else in nature.  For our purposes, this unique structure produces a
beautiful leather that is unlike anything else you will see on a holster. And the natural color of
the hide fades from the smoky, "Napalm" color toward the front of the animal, to a "Soot" black
toward the back, giving the finished holsters the beautiful colorations you see in the photos.
So now when your friends want to know, "what kind of holster is that" ???    You will know what
to tell them.

I hope that this tale of "Mythical Beasts" will enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of your
new, "Dragon's Breath" holster and that you will wear a little smile every time you put it on. And
an even bigger smile when you tell your inquisitive friends the story and watch their
And if you're old enough to remember it, maybe you'll hum a few bars of "Puff the Magic Dragon"
as you drive to work.

Thank you for your time and interest, and remember...........the imagination is a dangerous thing.

So Have Fun !!!
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