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Model: EZ-CC       EZ Carry Convertible
Type:  Quick Detachable / OWB or IWB convertible, Tuckable
Price:  $ 109.00  
( Base price, standard colors )
Add $  8.00 for Premium color

Deluxe Version  $ 172.00  
( Basket weave tooling & Premium color included ).

The EZ Convertible takes the EZ Carry 2 one step further with convertible clips
that allow the holster to be carried
Outside The Waistband or Inside The
as desired. It even allows for Tuckable IWB carry.
With all molding on the front of the holster, the back is flat and conforms to the
curvature of the body for exceptionally comfortable IWB carry.  
And for those times when you need a Tuckable, this holster easily
accommodates and keeps the waistband clips hidden behind the belt.
Deluxe version pictured with clips attached for
Inside the Waistband and / or Tuckable
leather concealment holsters
leather concealed carry holsters
Pictured below with clips attached for OWB, Outside the Waistband carry.
The flat side of the holster conforms to the
curvature of the body for comfort and
concealed carry holsters

Opinions about "Tuckables" vary. I have opposed the use of
tuckables because it inhibits your ability to access your weapon with
one hand. Attacks often come fast and with the element of surprise.
This means that, if attacked, you may be using your weak hand to
fend off the attacker while trying to access your weapon with your
strong hand. Since a proper draw requires your weak hand to pull
your shirt up so you can access the weapon with the strong hand,
you are at a great disadvantage in such an attack.
For this reason, I generally wear this holster IWB, but NOT tucked.
This allows me to sweep my cover shirt aside with my strong hand
and access the weapon.
Those folks who favor "Tuckable" holsters argue that there are
times when a tuckable is the ONLY way that they can carry. This
may be due to dress requirements at work or for other reasons, but
it is a valid arguement and I would rather be armed in a tuckable
holster than to be unarmed completely. This holster gives folks the
option. If I am wearing this holster untucked and my circumstances
change, it is a simple matter to tuck my shirt in. I am still armed.
And with the heavy duty steel clips of this model attached to my
waistband, they are covered by my belt instead of showing like most
other tuckables on the market.
I've tried the other tuckable holsters on the market and feel that this
is the Best Tuckable holster available as well as the most
Worn IWB or OWB, the wide spacing of the heavy duty Spring Steel
clips maintains a stable position that does not shift. And with all
molding on the outside, the holster remains open for easy,
one-handed re-holstering of the weapon, even when carried IWB.