concealed carry holsters
concealment holsters
Model: EZ-1        E Z  Carry
  IWB Inside the Waistband or Under belt for semi autos only. No revolvers.
Price:  $109.00 Smooth leather lining and sweat shield included.  Stitched in sight tunnel included.
Add premium colors   $8.00
Thumb Break  ( Not Available )

E Z  Carry holster is the quickest on & off holster there is. Slipped inside the waistband, it clips
over the belt with a
Strong steel clip that is wide enough and tight enough to eliminate shifting.
Or, for those who prefer it, you can slip it
under the belt but outside the waistband.
Provides the same body hugging fit without taking up space inside your waistband.
Tension adjustment screws allow you to tailor the level of retention and draw resistance and the
smooth leather lining produces a very slick draw.
Stitched in sight tunnel to protect the front sight.
Reinforced to stay open for easy, one-handed re-holstering.
The Quality of this holster is head and shoulders above the competition.
concealed carry holsters
concealment holsters
Put it on or take it off in about 3 seconds.
Inside the waistband
Under the Belt only
Nothing rides closer or goes on
quicker than the
E Z Carry.