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concealment holsters
Model: EZ-2      EZ Carry 2
Type:  OWB Dual Quick Clip
Price:  $ 99.00
Add Premium colors   $ 8.00

The EZ Carry 2 is incredibly quick and comfortable to
use. Two
Heavy Duty Steel clips secure the holster to
your pistol belt in about three seconds and can be
removed just as quickly, yet maintain an excellent grip
on the belt. The holsters base conforms to the
curvature of the hip, pulling the gun in tight for
excellent concealment and the wide spacing of the clips
makes the rig extremely stable and secure. All of the
molding is on the outside so the holster ALWAYS stays
open for one handed reholstering without the addition
of thick, bulky reinforcements.
This has become one of my favorite holsters for smaller
pistols like the Glock 43 and the 3 inch barrel 1911's
but it easily supports the weight of Glock 19's, 1911
Commanders, etc.
If you need a secure holster thats comfortable,
conceals well, but can be removed or replaced quickly
due to your changing environments, this is the best I've
The interior is pasted, polished and waxed to protect
the finish of your gun and to provide a smooth and
consistent draw.
Semi auto pistols only.
Best concealment holsters
Model: EZ Carry 2 Deluxe
Price:  $162.00
Add Concho for $12.00

The Deluxe Model is just like the original but includes your
choice of
Basket Weave tooling or Cobra tooling on the
flat surfaces and also includes the Premium color,
Pictured at right is the slightly larger
size for the Glock 19.
Below is the Deluxe with a Glock 43.
Conforms to the curvature of the hip
pulling the pistol in tight.
Below is the Deluxe with Cobra tooling and
Star concho.
concealment holsters