Below is a "Professional" model for a Glock on a B-1 Belt.
Below is a single loop for a Colt SAA on a B-1 belt
Glock holsters
hunting holster
IWB concealment holster
This color is "Natural".
The natural color of the leather as it
comes from the tannery, with only
oils and waxes applied.
Unstained leather like this, will
gradually darken  with age and
exposure to sunlight, taking on a
distinctive patina that is quite
The QS-LA "Cobra" below compliments the new Smith & Wesson E Series
as well as Kimber's Raptor and Super Carry pistols, and the Ed Brown
Kobra Carry.       Also looks great with 1911's sporting Ivory grips.
The "Cobra" comes in a special
"Burnt Walnut Antique" Stain.
This is an unusual holster that I built for the
upcoming Hollywood movie, "Broken Horses".
Despite the movies title, it is actually a gangster
type film in which one of the stars needed to carry
a six inch Colt Python, inside the waistband and
behind the back. ( Besides being left handed ).
The film is scheduled to release in April 2015
fancy tooled leather holster
This is a special edition of the QS-LA done for a gentleman who possess' a
beautifully engraved Colt Commander. A pistol like this deserved something
Professional concealed carry holsters
Cobra Shield with matching Mag Pouch.
Best custom concealment holsters
A QS-LA-CS with Dragon
concho and personalized with
customers initials.
concealed carry holster
Customers photos of their Jeffrey Custom Leather Holsters
best custom leather holsters, exotic leather