Model: RM    Range Master
  Belt Slide
Price:  $109.00
Add Premium Colors  $8.

While the Range Master is able to do double duty as a concealed carry holster under a jacket, it is designed to
excel as a range holster.
Most concealed carry holsters are designed to ride as close to the body as possible and to ride behind the hip for
maximum concealment. By necessity, this compromises rapid deployment and makes a sweat shield mandatory.
The Range Master takes that compromise in the other direction to improve rapid access and a faster draw time.
This is accomplished by positioning the holster at the three o'clock position and utilizing a very wide, single belt
loop with a partial wedge inside the belt tunnel. This wedge tilts the weapon slightly away from the body at the rear
of the slide but also rotates the bottom of the pistol grip in toward the body. The small space that this creates
between the body and the pistol allows a more rapid grip acquisition. This space is further aided by removing the
sweat shield, which is no longer needed with the pistol offset from the body.
Of course, this will require a bit larger cover garment if you wish to use it for concealed carry but the result is much
improved draw times from both concealed and unconcealed carry. This is the perfect holster for running your
defensive shooting and timed shooting drills.
The included
Tension Adjustment screw gives you complete control over how firm the pistol retention is so you
can dial it in to your preference.
The interior of the holster is pasted, polished and waxed for a very slick draw.
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