Smith & Wesson holsters
Model: SL    Single Loop
:     Belt slide
Price:    $139.00  Base  Leather lining included

Add snap down retention $15.        Add Border tooling   $35.
Add Thumb Break retention $35.    Add Basket Weave tooling  $55.
Add Premium colors $  8.                Add Cobra tooling $60.

A Classic design that serves as well today as it did a
generation ago.
Forward rake, straight drop, or cross draw angle.  
Extra wide belt loop for stability.
This model can be built for
revolvers or Semi Automatic pistols.
custom leather holsters for concealed carry
custom leather holsters for concealed carry
custom leather revolver holsters
holster care products
Care and Maintenance of your Holster.

Your holster will require very little in the way of
maintenance. Keep it clean and dry.
Do NOT oil it.
If it should become excessively dirty, use a slightly
damp rag to clean it and then let it air dry. ( No heat ).
As it ages, you will see normal wear and scuffing
occur. You can apply Fiebing's Leather Balm
occasionally to restore that like new shine and give it
a wax protection.
One 4 oz. bottle will last a long, long time.
Price:  $ 8.00
Free shipping when included with holster order.
$ 8.00 shipping if ordered alone.
Order Information
Order Information
custom leather concealment holsters
Available with forward cant, straight drop or cross draw.
Example of Basket Weave tooling and Burnt Walnut color.
Model: Single Loop Python
Price   $
The "Python" is an enhanced version of the Single Loop
that includes suede leather lining, extensive Cobra tooling
and Burnt Walnut antique stain. It works especially well in
cross draw configuration with 4 to 6 inch barrel revolvers.