Below is a small sample of comments from customers about their Jeffrey Custom Leather holsters.
Love the rig. Great quality as usual and rides high & tight. Love the fit of the holster/belt  with no wiggle or moving
around. I have been wearing it all day for over a week and it is really comfortable sitting and driving while remaining
Thinking about the next project, maybe with basket weave stamping in antique brown. Thanks again & blessings for a
great week.

Received the holsters.  I’m very pleased.  This is only the second time I’ve ordered a custom holster.  I ordered a del
fatti 20 years ago.  
I must say that your holsters are exquisite!  And I am kicking myself for not ordering from you sooner.  I hope to place
more orders with you soon.  Thank you so much for such beautiful rig.  

Just received my QS-BTP crossdraw for my Smith M442 yesterday. I wore it all day today and it is amazingly
comfortable, the butt is pulled in tight but still accessible for a full grip on the stocks. The construction is perfect, just
like the one you built for my Kimber k6s. Can switch between the two and both are in the same exact position. Thanks
for a great holster and a design that has obsoleted all in my old collection that is in a box in the back of the closet.
God Bless and stay safe

Jeff:  I’ve had my QuickSnap BTP Mini for my Sig P365 for a couple of months now and wanted to report back to you.  
In short, I love it.  It is incredibly easy to put on and take off, which makes it easy to move it from one position to
another on my belt.  For example, I usually wear it at 8:00 (I’m left-handed).  When I get in my truck, I’ll sometimes
move it to about 10:00 for easier access to my pistol.  With most other holsters, it would be too time consuming to do
that.  But the BTP makes it quick and easy.
Also, I love how small and inconspicuous it is, which makes it easy to conceal under a t-shirt or an untucked button-
up shirt.  
Finally, the craftsmanship is outstanding.  It’s beautiful, extremely well made and the pistol fits perfectly.  
Thanks for such a great product at a very fair price.  Best regards.

The following address is a video review on Tactical Reviews. You can copy and paste the address to your web
browser to watch the video.

Jeff, way to knock the proverbial ball out of the park !  This is absolutely stunning. A fine example of expert
craftsmanship. My Ruger is resting peacefully !
Thank you and God Bless,

My holster, mag pouch and belt came today and I couldn't be more delighted. The belt size is perfect. Both the
holster and mag pouch hold nice and tight to the body as if they were IWB. The tooling and colors are beautiful. I
especially enjoy how different lighting brings out different colors in the dyes.
Thank you again for the beautiful work. They really are works of art.

I have gotten a lot of things from you and the quality is always consistent. I've come to expect nothing less but each
time I am amazed at the high quality. Thanks for another excellent job.

I received my rig yesterday and wanted to pass along how pleased I am with your product. The holster / belt combo
look perfect with my EMP 4 just as you advised.
I look forward to many years of service from your beautiful leatherwork. I'm moving to the mountains of AZ in a couple
years and will be excited to open-carry such a nice set up.

Jeff, another great job !  Just got the holster for my XD 9mm. Fits perfect and I love the quality of the leather and
especially the craftsmanship. I have a few more pistols I would like to get holsters for this summer. You are my holster
guy. Thanks again and looking forward to more business with you.

"This is a well crafted holster from a master maker . A professional shooter will appreciate this holster...."
Bob Campbell, professional gun writer, Concealed carry Handguns Magazine, 2016.

I received my holster today and it is beautiful ! Thank you very much.

Just received the BTP holster for my Glock 19. Best holster ever ! I'd like to order another one for my Beretta.

Just received my holster, belt and mag pouch; I could not be more pleased. Excellent work and the color turned out
great. ( I had trouble choosing ).

I just wanted to send you a small note for the drop dead gorgeous belts and holsters !!!  Insane quality and fit. Got a
few comments from our fellow enthusiasts.
Thanks again,

Received the new holster today. As always, it's perfect. I particularly like the new border around the basket weave.
Beautiful !  Thank you,

Hi Jeff, I received my holster and belt this morning and I couldn't possibly be happier. Fit on the pistol is PERFECT !
Belt size is PERFECT and the workmanship and overall quality is OUTSTANDING ! Thank you for turning out such a
great product. I'm recommending Jeffrey Custom Leather to all my friends and everyone in my gun groups !
6000+ members in Outlaws on Facebook alone.
I'll be back to buy again in the future !

The holster arrived today. This thing is awesome ! Very nice ! I will be in touch for others.
Thank you,

I just received my holster and pouches. Absolutely beautiful ! This is my third order from you and will not be my last.
Thank you,

Another beautiful job and I'm very pleased. Thank you Jeff !!!

Hi Jeff,
Received my package on Friday. Everyone I have shown your work to is as impressed as I am. Thank you so much
as you exceed expectations for quality and delivery. You can guarantee I'll recommend your work to others.
Thanks again,